Friday, September 6, 2013

Mini Banana Muffins

This week has been super busy!! I managed to make time to bake a batch of mini banana muffins for my breakfast this week. I didn't include any chocolate chips to make it 'healthier' but these were still so dang good!

I used two recipes to make this. I searched Epicurious and found this well rated recipe first. 

Then I realized it would be so much easier to make mini muffins so I could bring a better portion size with me to work each day. So I went looking on good ol' Pinterest and found this mini muffin version to use the oven settings and time.

I may have left my muffins in the oven a tad too long (12 minutes in my conventional but newish oven) but I was able to make 36 mini muffins! That was enough for me to save 3 days worth of breakfast and give the rest away at work. Everyone LOVED them! (I don't think my coworkers would keep taking the things I bake if most of them didn't turn out well but maybe they are just super nice haha)

I am in the middle of a craft this week that is taking longer than I thought it would for me to fit it in to my schedule. I hope to have 2 crafts done by the end of this weekend.

So with that, happy Friday everyone!!!