Friday, August 30, 2013

Thank You!!!

What better way to end a month about parties than by talking about thank you cards?!?

I think a lot of people do thank you cards as an after thought following a party. Like, "oh yeah, I have to do that, right?" Whether you're hosting a birthday party, baby or wedding shower or it's your wedding day it is very easy to include thank you's in your plan.

A lot of store-made party decor themes will have coordinating thank you cards. If you didn't use a pre-made theme there are plenty of thank you card sets available out there. Or you can even buy simply designed, blank cards and stamps with different words so you can make your own cards for thank you's and other things.

Is writing that stack of thank you's daunting? A lot of times you already have to send out the invitations and have a list. Keep the list of names and addresses and if you get any early deliveries put what they gave you and send out that card right then and mark it as sent! Then when the day actually comes, print out that list and fill in the gifts you get as you open them. After that, type in the gifts and run down the list. Even just sending a handful a day for the week or so afterwards, that list will start to get smaller and smaller.

So, here are some thank you cards for inspiration!

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