Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wedding Music

How do you select music for you wedding? It can be a huge task because maybe your everyday taste of music isn't something you want to play in front of your grandparents or maybe your soon to be spouse and you have different preferred genres of music or maybe you just don't know where to start. For me, I went to iTunes and started browsing songs that way. We were getting a DJ and I knew I wanted instrumentals for the ceremony and fun/upbeat more modern music for the reception but that still left me with a lot of choices. I frequented a few wedding websites to browse suggestions but a lot had a large proportion of old school or classic songs. I ended up being able to find a number of songs for the reception by going through my playlist and then looking up the artists I liked and googling their most popular love songs. Then for the ceremony I knew I wanted a version of Canon in D so I listed to other instrumentals and found some that went with that. I would give you my whole play list but I can't seem to find it!  In the meantime - here are some resources that could help you find your play list!

What better way to get people on the dance floor than by playing 'their' song?! This is a simple but thoughtful way to include everyone in your day.

This link lead me to 10 of their top 10 suggestions but there are more links to more top 10 lists! There are some classics but a lot of modern ones too.

This list is about recessionals but I think you could use some of these throughout your reception.

Again, this list is for a particular part of the reception but I think a bunch of them would be great for the general playlist as well.

If you are going to completely DIY this part of your wedding I would definitely go read through some people's first hand accounts of it. They can suggest which playlist software to use, how to separate and name the playlists, give timing tips, etc. This can save a ton of money.

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